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Komuranon-S Enlarging Lenses


John Jovic

Komuranon enlarger or enlarging lenses were made by Komura Lens MFG. LTD. and sold in various parts of the world during the 70's. They were sold as Komuranon-E and later as Komuranon-S enlarging lenses. The Komuranon-E line of lenses included the 3.5/50, 5.6/75, 5.6/90, 5.6/105, 5.6/135 and 5.6/150mm lenses however the Komuranon-S line of lenses which followed may not have included all of the lenses of the Komuranon-E. The Komuranon-S 3.5/50 and 5.6/75 were commonly sold and are readily available on the used market today. The Komuranon-S 5.6/105[1] and 5.6/150[2] lenses were made and sold however they are much less common then either the Komuranon-S 3.5/50 or 5.6/75.

The advertising clipping[3] below describes the Komuranon-S lenses main features and specifications but it does not state how they differed to the earlier Komuranon-E lenses of the same focal length. The Komuranon-E 5.6/75 and 3.5/50 had the same lens construction of 6 elements in 4 groups and the exact same weight as the Komuranon-S 5.6/75 and 3.5/50 so it is possible that Komuranon-E and Komuranon-S lenses are either exactly the same or possibly updated with minor and possibly inconsequential changes, but this is only speculation until there is evidence to suggest otherwise.

According to the advertising clipping[3] below;

'The Komuranon Series "S" Enlarging Lenses go beyond the design standards of most enlarging lenses. The Komuranon "S" formula corrects aberrations that occur in the visible light spectrum and uniquely cuts off infrared and ultra violet rays - the invisible part of the spectrum - to which the paper is sensitive. This results in superior contrast, resolution and color saturation.'

The above advertising clipping[3] was kindly supplied by chip j from the Analog Photography Users Group forum (APUG).


The Komuranon-S lenses specifications have been transcribed into the table below. Note that above advertising clipping[3] states that 'All lenses are four layer coated'.

Focal Length (mm): 50 75   150
Maximum aperture (F): 3.5 5.6   5.6
Lens construction (elements - groups): 6-4 6-4    
Angle of coverage: 56 56    
Recommended negative size (mm): 24 x 36 60 x 60    
Minimum aperture (F): 22 22   22
Designed magnification:        
Useful magnification range:        
Achromatized wavelength range (nm):        
Distortion at basic magnification (%):        
Focal length design value (mm):        
Barrel outer diameter A (front) (mm):        
Flange mount thread size: Leica Leica   Leica
Filter size (mm)   M40.5x0.5[pc]   None
Barrel outer diameter B (rear) (mm):         
flange focal length (mm):         
Back focal length (mm):         
Distance from flange surface to the second principal point (mm):         
Principal point spacing (mm):        
Total length (mm): 41.3 37.5    
Weight (g): 112 93    
Coating: four layer coated four layer coated    


[tbc] To Be Confirmed. The information has not been confirmed by a credible source.
[pc] Photo Cornucopia. Measured or personally observed by the Author.
[1] Sighted for sale on Ebay late 2014
[2] "Komuranon-S 5.6/150 Enlarging Lens"., accessed March 3, 2015.
[3] Hindaphoto Inc. Komura Facts. USA. nd
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