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Photo Cornucopia is a resource for photographic information, but mostly of the esoteric kind.


    Vintage Photography Books
    Books, The Ilford Manual of Photography
  Alternative, Legacy or Manual Focus lenses, an overview
  The Big List of Enlarging Lenses
  Catadioptric or mirror lens Bokeh, how to create it
  Computar dL Enlarging Lenses
    Computar dL 2.8/30 Enlarging Lens
  Computar dL 2.8/50 Enlarging Lens
  Computar dL 1.9/55 Enlarging Lens
  Computar dL 3.5/65 Enlarging Lens
  Computar dL 4.5/80 Enlarging Lens
  Computar dL 4.5/90 Enlarging Lens
    Computar dL 4.5/105 Enlarging Lens
  Computar dL 5.6/135 Enlarging Lens
    Fractional F-Stops compared, or, how fast is F1.2?
    Fujinon EX Enlarging lenses
    Komuranon-E Enlarging Lenses
    Komuranon-S Enlarging Lenses
  Komuranon-S 5.6/75 Enlarging Lens
    Komuranon-S 5.6/150 Enlarging Lens
    Lens Test: Industar 50-2 50mm F3.5
  Yashica 3.5/40 Enlarging Lens
    Lens Test: 28mm Lenses Compared. Vignetting Test
    Meopta Anaret and Meogon Enlarging Lenses
    Minolta C.E. Rokkor-X Enlarging Lenses
    Polarizing filters, do they reduce image quality?
  Rodenstock Apo-Rodagon-N 4/75
    Testing and comparing lenses, a 'how to' guide
    Which lens is 'best'?
    Car Photography, Lighting and Techniques
    Automotive Photography 1: An overview
    Automotive Photography 2: Equipment primer
    Automotive Photography 3: Concepts
    Automotive Photography 4: Composition
    Automotive Photography 5: Locations
    Automotive photography 6: Detail shots
    Automotive photography 7: How to photograph an engine bay
    Automotive photography 8: How to photograph a car interior
    Automotive photography 9: Panning, rolling and action shots
    Automotive photography 10: How to photograph black cars
    Automotive Lighting 1: An overview
    Automotive Lighting 2: Using filters
    Automotive Lighting 3: Using flash
    Automotive Lighting 4: Shadows and light spill
    Automotive Lighting 5: Specular reflections or highlights
    Automotive Lighting 6: Selecting Flash equipment
    Automotive Lighting 7: Shooting at night
    Automotive Lighting 8: Painting with Light
    Automotive Lighting 9: Studio techniques
    Automotive Lighting 10: Color Temperature
    Automotive Lighting 11: Using Reflectors
    Battery powered 18 Watt fluorescent light for light painting cars
    Battery powered 36 Watt fluorescent light for light painting cars
    Rig Shots 1: What is a 'rig shot' ?
    Rig Shots 2: Rigs for automotive photography
    Rig Shots 3: A brief history of rig shots
    Rig Shots 4: Partial Rig Shots
    Rig Shots 5: Full Car Rig Shots
    Rig Shots 6: The mechanics of rig shots
    Rig Shots 7: Rig shots are not for the foolhardy
    Rig Shots 8: Do Vacuum Cups damage paint or panels?
    Rig Shots 9: Selecting the optimum shutter speed for rig shots
    Rig Shots 10: Composition and locations for rig shots
    Rig Shots 11: Filters for rig shots
    Rig Shots 12: Common problems, dust flare, vignetting
    Long exposures and sensor noise with Canon 5D2
    Time Lapse, Time Lapse flicker with Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras
    Time Lapse, Modifying the TC-80N3 Intervalometer to disable the auto focus activation function


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